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Welcome to the wholesale body oil informational website. We are here to introduce you to the basics of body oils plus give you the inside scoop on what important factors you need to consider when choosing where to shop for wholesale body oils.

Of course, no site about wholesale body oils is complete without a short review on all the great applications and uses for the endless varieties of oils available on the market today. You will find some great ideas here too!

The use of body oils has grown dramatically in the last 25 years. More and more manufacturers of health products, cosmetics and perfumes are recognizing the value of using body oils to enhance the appeal and effectiveness of their products.

Body oils have also become a lucrative business opportunity as well. The personal body oil market is now a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Thanks to entrepreneurs and retailers just like you.

So whether you are in it to pamper yourself with a soothing scent or pocket some extra money, you will find the answers you need to get started here.
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